Toilet Planking

This method really an exotic way to . imagen  ,that can balance to the toilet boll and create a perfect planking position,just  like the owl method  setting on the chair or something uses to balance your action to it?

Wire planking

A wire guys is planking in the live wire , i mean electric or high voltage wire.All the thing can do with planking.This is very i mean highly dangerous way to plank .Please don't try this at home only the professional can do this act.Plank safe and remember be a kind to the planking people out there.

Planking at many people?

A man try to plank at the dancing battle area, He makes a move by planking dancE? or just making a possible way of acting like dead? LOL. anyway that man has guts , i will take created for that is not easy to go and plank like that in a crowed place like that. make sure you plank safe and there a day to plank again! :)

Planking with out plane surface

This type of photo different, like no gravity apply and unknown to plank with? planking is fan but this on is cool and defined  Planking method. We can say that this planking method is like difficult to achieve because of  like floating on air  or there no force on the gravity .

Dangerous Way To Plank

This method of planking is example of dangerous and risky plank but it only an example. It doesn't prove that planking can be harmful ,Planking can be fun if u just do it the planking way. Plank safe you guys

Planking at Taguig City University

This type of planking happened at the tugiug city were my friend request this to post at this site. Notice that a good  not proper way to plank but  the angle and the plank location is different from the horizontal line to vertical line. 

planking video

Man try to plank in the mall, right at sofa  station making studied move but a cool thing to do.That man has guts and effort to make this video look good this for the video i hope that every one like this part?

Hot chicks! go crAzy, NICE!

Hot checks planking in the grass, sexy and hot planking moves.  There body movement can make a boy go wild.An attractive move.Thinks for the post girls .

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